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Double Hook Wire Coil extension Tension Springs

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DVT Spring Company was founded in Fenghua, Ningbo, in 2006. With more than 16 years of spring manufacturing experience in Compression Spring, Tension Spring ,Torsion Spring,Antenna Spring . We are the one of top 10 leading manufacturers in Zhejiang district.We support 7 days customized samples, and provide free samples or sample cost refundable policy.

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Mechanical extension springs are designed specifically for a height and weight of a product. The initial tension is the force that holds the coil together and must be exceeded to get the extension spring working. Although the standard initial tension is appropriate for most extension spring needs, initial tension can be customized for specific situations.

Extension springs are commonly used in automotive mechanisms, garage doors, trampolines, washing machines, tools, toys, and equipment in a wide array of industries. Extension spring ends are designed to meet specific application needs. Configurations include hooks, threaded inserts, extended twist loops, crossover center loops, expanded eyes, reduced eyes, rectangular ends and teardrop-shaped ends. Another extension spring configuration features a drawbar spring. In this design, the load at the ends of long, steel loops that pass through the spring center and compress the spring upon loading.

1Double Hook Wire Coil extension Tension Springs

Extension Spring Parameters

  • Outer diameter- of the spring
  • Wire diameter – of the wire used to create the spring
  • Overall length – of the spring in the unloaded position
  • Rate – amount of weight required to deflect the spring one inch
  • Load -amount of weight the spring can carry when deflected to a given height
Extension spring parameters



Double Hook Wire Coil extension Tension Springs


SS302(AISI302)/ SS304(AISI304)/ SS316(AISI316)/SS301(AISI301)
Music wire/C17200/C64200, Etc

Wire diameter

0.1~20 mm


>=0.1 mm


>=0.5 mm

Free length

>=0.5 mm

Total Coils


Active coils


End hooks

U shape, round shape etc.


Zinc plating, Nickel plating, Anodic oxidation,Black oxided,Electrophoresis
Power coating, Gold plating, Silver plating, Tin plating, Paint,Chorme, Phosphate
Dacromet,Oil coating, Copper plating, Sand blasting, Passivation, Polishing,Etc


3-7 work days







Warranty period

Three years

Payment Terms

T/T,D/A,D/P,L/C,MoneyGram,Paypal payments.


1.PE bag inside, carton outside/Pallet.
2.Other packages: Wooden box, individual packaging, tray packaging,tape & reel packaging etc.
3.Per our customer’s need.

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